Celebrate Valentines Dau

Wine & Chocolate

Join us for a wine and Chocolate Pairing –

Pop-up Sip’n’Paint

Join us in the barrel room with talented local artist Amy Lundsford, for this Sunday Funday event! $35/pp (does not include wine)
See below for ticket info

Nathaniel Davis

Nathaniel Davis is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Leesburg, VA outside the Washington D.C. area.

Playing with a wide variety of talented musicians, Nathaniel is an in demand performer playing a unique blend of heartfelt and inspired original music, cover songs to entertain a wide variety of all tastes and styles; as well as unique, fun, and exciting reimaginings of well known pop, rock, and country songs.

Whether as a front man performing with his band, a solo artists playing intimate venues, a hired live or studio session musician, or a private instructor of his many instruments, Nathaniel Davis is an inspired and talented musician who always leaves a lasting impression.

Chinese New Year 2:1 Tastings!

Get two tastings for the price of one!
(cannot combine with any other offers)
The Year of the RAT!

Dave Lange performs Live

Dave Lange

Lay ears on Dave Lange for the first time and you will find yourself immediately drawn in by his unique sound. Yes, he plays the blues but not in the way you would expect. Lange conjures up a country style of blues that is both unique and specific to a region lying just outside of the Mississippi Delta in what is known as the North Mississippi Hill Country. His music can be described as having a strong emphasis on the “groove” with driving rhythms and percussion, steady guitar riffs, few chord changes, and unconventional song structures. A cigar box guitar, howling steel resonator, and gritty electric slide playing give the music it’s edge while primal drum beats pounded out on foot-drums produce a “hypnotic boogie”. Lange’s smooth Clapton-esque vocals compliment his highly original sound delivering American roots music in a familiar and fresh way.

Jed Duvall as ELVIS

Come see Jed Duvall perform as Elvis in honor of his birthday!
Note: We will be monitoring the weather, however the show is ON today!

National Trivia Day

Join us for this say to test your wine vocab and knowledge!

Todd Brooks & Pour Decisions

Todd Brooks & Pour Decisions is Todd Brooks, Joe Gallagher and Mark Cooper. The band performs a wide variety of covers from Elvis, Michael Jackson, Luke Bryan, Oasis, Eagles, and John Cougar, all the way to Bon Jovi and Shinedown, as well as the many artists in between. With a knack for getting the crowd involved, Todd Brooks makes every show one you’ll want to see again.

Live Music | Gary Smallwood!

Gary Smallwood started performing professionally when he was 16 years old. A popular local band asked him to fill the guitar vacancy left by a leaving member. The other band members were older and did a bit of touring to nearby cities, sometimes rushing him home after a gig just in time to be dropped off at his school bus stop!

Gary started his love of music by signing up for drums & percussion classes in the 5th grade and continued to play them through high school. By the time he reached 7th grade, he became interested in the bass guitar. His parents bought him a Fender bass & amp that Christmas and he taught himself to play using his favorite records such as The Beatles, Sly & the Family Stone and others as influences. At age 15 he saw a late night film entitled “A Film About Jimi Hendrix”…from then on it was all about guitar! Then he received the album “Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs” by Derek & The Dominoes where he maintains “that’s where I learned all my licks”. He is also self-taught on guitar using Hendrix, Clapton, Trower, Marino & Van Halen as influences, to name a few.

Gary has shared the stage with or supported such great acts as Robin Trower, Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush, the late great Jeff Healey, Elliott Easton(the Cars), Marshall Tucker Band, Molly Hatchet, The Outlaws, Johnny Winter, Craig & Patrick Fuller(Pure Prairie League), Bill Payne(Little Feat),Bret Michaels, Catfish Hodge, Michael Fath, and many more. His guitar playing, both electric and acoustic has been highly sought after by musicians as well as the public. He has loaned his talents to many bands as a ‘sideman’ and in the studio on numerous recording projects, including Genghis Angus’ “Twelve Days”, Jim Asbell’s “Man Overbored”, Leesburg Community Church’s “Give Me Jesus”, Stilson Greene’s “Young Lions”, Prescott Engle’s “House Without Love”, Bret Michaels’ “Rock My World”, “Built For Comfort” & “Jammin’ With Friends” and countless other demo recordings.

Gary’s style of music consists of Classic Rock, Country Rock, soulful Blues Rock or what he likes to call: “flat out guitar-driven blues-infused rural contemporary music”…he has a great appreciation for all types of music and sometimes will incorporate soul, R&B, funk, country and ‘show tunes’ into his playing. Gary also gives back to the community by playing shows for numerous benefits and charities throughout the region. He is a well respected and hard working musician, playing 200+ shows a year.

Casey Klein – Live!

Acoustic Guitar