The starting point of quality wine is with quality grapes.

We started this endeavor with a heritage of farming in our family and some personal experience in orchard production.  We felt the growing of grapes in Virginia, although challenging, was within our area of experience and one in which we could achieve great results.   We believe this idea has been validated and in a very short period we have produced some of the highest quality grapes available in Northern Virginia.

Our vineyard was established in 2008 and contains blocks of the vinifera Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon and the hybrid Traminette.  We continue to expand our vineyard a little each year with another 2 acres scheduled for planting this spring.

The method selected for planting was considered to produce the highest quality grapes.  This is done using dense planting to reduce stress to the individual vines.  We use cane pruning to minimize disease and allow for greater control of vine vigor and balance.  Controlled further by limiting the clusters and overall load on the vine to enhance balance.

Our vineyard maintenance program is minimalist, and we follow best management program methods.  We do this by monitoring weather conditions and walking the vineyard every day to determine what is needed, and acting on it only when needed. By composting extensively with naturally occurring, grape fed Deer manure, we capitalize on our minimalistic, eco-friendly style.

Please come sit and drink some wine while you enjoy the view overlooking our vineyard.  Ask us about our vines or come out for a walking tour to see what we’re growing and what we do.  We love to talk about what we love.