Brahman Noodles

The Brahman Noodles started performing under this name soon after a somewhat inaudible muttering from lead guitarist Jimmy Petrohilos over a bowl of Top Ramen.” I was trying to say ‘I am really getting tired of eating ramen noodles’ but it came out sounding more like Brahman Noodles” said Jimmy. A friend, Alexis, exclaimed” there is your band name! The Brahman Noodles”.

Jimmy started drawing up different fonts and lettering and thought The Brahman Noodles is a great band name.

A close friend and co founder Brandon Sengstack and Jimmy took a week long poll from local business owners, whose heritage is Indian, and they unanimously gave the thumbs up and found no offense with the play on words.The rest has been show after show and a lot of fun yet hard work.